WedFit – THE EASY WAY TO Buff up FOR the Big Day



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With the constant clicking of cameras, every bride, groom and their entourage want to look amazing on the wedding day and Pro-Balance personal fitness studio is offering bespoke WedFit packages, which make it affordable and convenient to buff up in time for the big day.


Available virtually via Skype or in the Manchester-based Pro-Balance studio, WedFit enables the bride and groom or bride and up to four bridesmaids to manage their weight loss and fitness goals in time for the big day, whether it’s a year or just months away.


Andy Jeffries, Pro-Balance owner and personal trainer, explains: “The Pro-Balance WedFit package has been designed mainly for the bride and groom to achieve their target body shape in time for the big day, this can be extended to others in the wedding party and works by devising a bespoke programme of regular high intensity training.”


Bridal training can bring definition to the usually exposed areas of upper arms and shoulders, in addition to firming and strengthening the stomach, gluteal and thigh areas, meaning you’ll be looking your best on honeymoon too.


WedFit packages cost from £25 per session, per person and are dependent on the length of package, number of people and whether training takes place virtually or in the studio. For further information visit or call 0161 833 4777.

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