Are you the sort of person who wakes up after a night out next to a stranger under a road sign? Is your first furry-tongued thought “My head hurts”? Flumping out of bed do you discover a UDI? (Unidentified Drinking Injury) and fall flat on your face? Do you recuperate by eating some greasy splodge before embarking on a pizza and video day interspersed with laughter at memories of singing Oasis to a policeman? If this sounds familiar congratulations you’ve passed your Hedonist exam. If you want to see the cheat sheet on staying as healthy as possible while you’re “discovering yourself” stick around.

Let’s face it you’d rather die than give up the mad life so what we need to do is minimise the impact of your soirées.

1: Preparation

 You know if you start too early, things will go Pete Tong. Why not make a commitment to yourself to do 30 minutes exercise at the gym after work on a Friday before you go out?


  • It may be some time until you feel up to it again!
  • Your metabolism will increase so you will process the beer quicker
  • In 30 minutes you can burn off 3 pints of beer
  • You can blow work from your mind. This beats throwing back 5 pints in quick succession to cheer you up.
  • You will feel more confident, pumped up and toned in your clothes.

By going out a bit later you miss the “boring bit”, you will drink less and feel better. Just before you head off to lager heaven drink a pint of milk to avoid empty stomach hell. Add a multivitamin and you’ve just replenished most of the vitamins you’re going to napalm.

2: During

 Hangovers are caused by congeners. The less taste alcohol has the fewer congeners it contains; so vodka and gin are O.K while bourbon (yes that includes Jack Daniels), rum and scotch are migraine-tastic.


  • Think of your head – stick to one type of drink.
  • Down a half-pint of water every second drink to stop dehydration (pretend its vodka if you like!)
  • A glass of dry white wine has only 76 calories. Strong beer has 150!
  • Shorts contain about 100 calories. Do without fizzy mixers – they speed up absorption and increase calories.
  • Go dancing – it can burn 400 calories per hour – but drink extra water.

6)    Avoid fast food – you’ve already had enough calories. Try to stagger home and drink lots of water and snack on fruit to raise the blood sugar. Then sleep it off.

4: Morning After

With a bit of luck you shouldn’t be feeling too bad. If you are, push the road sign aside and do the following:

  • Forget the coffee and cold shower – they don’t work.
  • Eat a banana to replenish potassium.
  • Drink a glass of milk to soothe the stomach. Add a multivitamin too.
  • Eat a teaspoon of honey to raise the blood sugar levels in the brain.
  • Don’t sit around all day – If you feel O.K go out for a stroll or ride the bike. A gentle swim is brilliant.
  • Get back down the gym and thank your body for a good night out!


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