Bodyweight Circuit Workout



  1. Bodyweight Squats -8 reps to 20 reps

  2. Floor Mountain Climbers – 20 -30 seconds of feet shuffling

  3. Bodyweight walking lunges- up 8-24 steps, turn around and back 8 steps

  4. Push-ups (hands elevated on table or chair if can’t do from the floor) -10 reps

  5. Step-ups (1minute) or up-down a staircase x3


    Repeat circuit twice each week for the first two weeks. Thereafter, you can repeat the circuit 3-5 times to get a great full body workout. Take no rest between the exercises in the circuit, but take 1-2 minutes rest after completing each circuit.

    Finish your circuit workout with an abs routine. I have 8 levels here is 2 to start with, but have included the first two to get you started.

    Stretch to cool down.


    Abs Routine


    Level 1

  1. Lying leg thrusts -2×5

  2. Reverse crunches 2×5

  3. Abs Bicycle 1×20 (each knee to elbow counts as one rep)

  4. Alternating Crunches 1×15

  5. Bench crunches 1×15

  6. Abdominal Vacuums

    Level 2 

  1. Lying leg thrusts -3×8

  2. Reverse crunches 3×8

  3. Abs Bicycle 1×24

  4. Stability ball crunches 1×10

  5. Alternating Crunches 1×18

  6. Stability ball Plank holds 1×30-60 seconds

  7. Abdominal Vacuums

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