Gym Membership vs Personal training

I saw this great article yesterday in the Daily Mail and just want to share it with you; this is a great testimonial, to everyone, that you are never to old to train. Gym three times a week, a 25 mile bike ride each Sunday and a 50 length swim EVERY DAY (Daily Mail) Arthur Gilbert, 91, has defied his years to become one of the world’s oldest triathletes. The energetic grandfather stays young by going to the gym three times a week, cycling 25 miles on a Sunday and swimming 50 lengths of his local pool every day. Yesterday the pensioner took part in the Burnham Sprint Triathlon, inSomerset, completing the 500 m swim, a 20k bike ride and a 5k run in less than three hours. To read more please have a look at this link. This month I’ve asked a few of my clients about why they train with Probalance and the benefits of personal training. Why should you have a personal trainer and why can’t I just get a gym membership which is cheaper? Firstly would be how often do you use your gym membership? With personal training you have an appointment for the session, for the gym membership you don’t hold accountable to anyone but yourself to show up. When you’re in the gym, are you really pushing yourself to a new level to achieve your goals? Personal Training doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be seeing me 2 or 3 times a week, you could see me once a week or once every couple of weeks just to make sure you are staying on track. How many times have you missed your workout one week, then it turns into a month, then oh my gosh it’s been 6 months. Seeing a personal trainer at least once a week or so will help make sure this doesn’t happen. You may also learn new things to do at the gym on your own. You will also have a mental gauge of how hard your workouts should be and how hard you can really push yourself. I have seen people in the gym, it’s a couple of curls here, water fountain, couple of leg presses here, changing room…..get the drift? Don’t get all offended, motivators; I know some of you push it to the limit…one more tiiiime. But for those of you who felt their ears burning while reading that, yeah I’m talking to you. Sometimes you just can’t find the motivation to make it to the gym, that’s where I come in. So think about it, when you’re saving all that money by just having your cheaper membership and not going, which one has more value? When you pay for a personal trainer, you know you’re getting the most out of every minute in the gym, you know you’re going to actually show up, and you’re going to get some serious results. Plus, your work outs will benefit for the rest of your life, with a personal trainer or working out by yourself. You’ll know how to use certain equipment, how to use proper form, and you’ll probably save yourself an injury or two!!!!! So now go hit the gym or call a personal trainer…..and good luck!!!! We are offering free taster session though July, so don’t delay call 0161 833 4777 or email (Andy)

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