My Manchester 10km Run Fitness Blog Week 6

Tips of the week: Increase the running at exertion level 7-8 (From 1-10).

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being no effort at all and 10 being maximum exertion (can’t breathe or talk) you need to be running at an exertion level of 7-8. Still will dictate how fast you will run. As you get fitter you will be able to run faster and still be able to run at an exertion level of 7-8.

My Training

Monday I started with a light 3km run @ 13km/hr followed with some light stretch on the VibroGym. In particular I concentrated on the backs of my thighs, calves and the front of my thighs. I felt my heart was beating a bit faster than usual so I figured I was a bit dehydrated after the weekend so drank some of my re-hydration formula which worked great.

Tuesday I did 3km @ 13 .4k/hr the whole way and at the end I did a full-body workout on the VibroGym for 15 minutes, followed by a stretch.

Wednesday I worked out with Harvey doing bench press, pull-ups and dead-lift clean and press. Felt really hungry so had an extra Nutrimeal shake. I seem to get really hungry when I start to increase my training.

Thursday took the day off to recover .

Friday I ran 5 km @ 11 km/hr

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