How to Lower Your Cholesterol

How to Lower Your Cholesterol

Because we assess client’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels I often get asked what people need to eat in order to lower their cholesterol. Most medical professionals and popular media promote eating a low fat diet in order to lower cholesterol. This can be misleading as we need to be eating more “healthy” fat and eating less sugar. Eating foods that contain cholesterol such as eggs will not increase your cholesterol. Eggs are rich in omega 3 fat and are very good for our health. So if eating fat doesn’t cause our cholesterol to rise what does? It is eating too much refined sugar and grains that is the problem. Eating a slice of white bread is worse than eating 12 teaspoons of table-sugar. Excess sugar is stored as body-fat. This concept is not usually easily understood but eating your “healthy” cereal and “low-fat” yoghurt for example can have more of a negative affect on your cholesterol than steak, eggs and tomatoes. Not only do these foods raise our cholesterol for the worse but they are often responsible for us putting on too much weight and why we go on to become diabetic. It is the pizza, sandwiches, chips and pasta that is the problem. Unfortunately this is most people’s staple diet, hence why we have so many overweight people with heart disease and diabetes. So if you want to reduce your risk of these health problems avoid these foods and instead eat more foods that contain healthy fats and that don’t raise your blood sugar quickly. Our bodies have evolved over centuries to eat fruit. Fruit sugars in fresh fruit are not like table-sugar and don’t raise our blood-sugar excessively. Fresh fruit contains fibre that slows the release of the sugar into our blood and also contains many important vitamins and mineral. That is why we need to eat fresh fruit every day. It continually amazes me how many people don’t even eat 5 servings of fruit a day.

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