My Manchester 10km Run Fitness Blog Week 4

Tip of the Week

Mix up you training. Most people training for a distance run tend to have one route they run and they run at the same pass every run.

The best thing to do is mix it up. One day increase the speed and the next change the tempo (speed up and slow down) another day change the distance you run. You can add in some hill work as well if you’ve got any near you.

If you do the same thing over and over you are more at risk of fatigue injury and your gains won’t be as fast as if you mix it up. Mixing it up means your body doesn’t know what is going to happen next so it prepares for anything…

It’s also a load more fun!

My Training

Monday I started with a 2.5km run @ 13.4km/hr ( my aim for the10k is 4m:25secs  per 1k) followed with some light stretch on the VibroGym. In particular I concentrated on the backs of my thighs, calves and the front of my thighs.  My heart was beating great this morning . But did drink some of my re-hydration formula which worked great again.

Tuesday I did 2km @ 13.4 k/hr the whole way and at the end I did a full-body workout on the VibroGym for 15 minutes, followed by a stretch.

Wednesday I worked out with Harvey doing bench press, pull-ups and dead-lift clean and press. Felt really hungry so had an extra Nutrimeal shake. I seem to get really hungry when I start to increase my training.And laterin the day did a  1k run at 14km/hr, feeing fitter each week. also did the free running assessment with

Thursday took the day off to recover and had an early night . It is important to get plenty of rest for the muscles to recover better.

Friday I ran 3 km @ 13.5 km/hr , had a very easy run, this week,then went on the vibrogym for the stretches ,this took 10 mins.

Saturday- Going to training the football team again,in the morning, hopefully City will win,.

Sunday is rest day,

Wk5 is going to be better …….Not had much time this week.

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