my manchester 10k training blog week 1

Week 1

Tip of the week.
Start easy.
If you’re just started running for the first time or not trained for ages start easy. If you get injured it will hold up your progress of stop you achieving your goal. For starters do 1k per day Mon-Fri for the 1st week.  I would suggest running and then walking between the lamp posts (if running on the street).

This is the fastest way to improve breath-fitness. By getting out of breath when running and then recoverying suring the next pair of lamp posts you will rapidly improve your cardiovascular fitness. (So you don’t get short of breath going up the stairs!)

This it what I’ve done this week.

Monday – ran in the morning 2 km on the tredmill @13.4km/hr ,it felt really good.
and then stretched on… the vibrogym straight after.

Tuesday- did my 2km increased my speed to a mad 14.0 km/hr,maybe a touch too fast ,but felt ok,then stretched on the vibrogym. Also did a full body workout on my vibrogym, in 20 mins ., getting that strong core ,(what you need for road running)

Wednesday, well had a day off from running,it is the 1st week- but did a great weight session , bench press @65kg 12,10,8 reps,then pullups (bodyweight ) 12,10,8 reps. Then to finish  the quick session off a deadlift clean and press, 40kg ,the same reps as the others.

Stretched after  the session also.

Thurs – had a days rest,  my body needs to recover for the longer run ahead.

Friday -went to see my mate Kieran @ jumpphysio , just to check out my running ,as i do get sorness in one of my calfs, got that checked ( he gave me some stretches to do),check him out

Sat: went to train St lawrence gaelic football team in the morning, then went for my run on the canal- did 5k in 23 mins,hey its a start.

Sun- day of rest……….food and food,refuel for week2.

Day 2 will be on wednesday this week.

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