Author, Celebrity Trainer, USANA FANATIC

Kathy Kaehler believes that everyone, at any age, should adopt a lifestyle that incorporates fitness, good nutrition, and a positive outlook. That’s why Kathy is not only a huge fan of USANA, she is now a proud spokesperson.

“My goals are to educate and build awareness on how simple daily choices about nutrition and fitness promotes a healthier and more productive lifestyle,” says Kathy. “For me, as a trainer and working with celebrities, USANA has fit in perfectly.”

Kathy is not only a best-selling author of such well known titles as Real World Fitness, Fit, Sexy for Life, and others, she is also a nationally recognized fitness expert and celebrity trainer of such A-list celebrities as Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Jennifer Aniston.

“USANA and I are creating a powerful relationship that will educate people on proper lifestyle habits in health, diet, and nutrition,” says Kathy.

Let Kathy Help You RESET Your Body!

Download flyer  (English)(Spanish)(French)(Chinese)

Beginning January 11, 2010, USANA Associates across the globe will be joining together to participate in RESET Week! Let Kathy help you achieve your New Year’s goals by utilizing USANA’s RESET weight-management system as well as maintain your healthy habits in the future.

Throughout this exciting week, Kathy will be providing first-rate health tips, exercise advice, and nutritional facts to help you make USANA and the RESET program part of your well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

  • Get together with your team and plan a kickoff meeting. Remember, there is strength in numbers; there’s no need for you to do this alone.
  • Invite your family, friends, or anyone interested in shedding pounds, controlling cravings, and finding their body’s reset button after the holidays.*
  • Purchase your RESET Kits (item #913) now through January 8, 2010 and receive a free, limited-edition T-shirt, while supplies last!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to get a great start on what is sure to be an incredible year at USANA. Join Kathy and USANA for RESET Week and start your body, and your business, off with a bang!

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