Nursery joins gym to help get mums fit

Nursery joins gym to help get mums fit

January 19, 2006


A UNIQUE partnership to help busy mums get fit has been launched in Manchester.

City centre-based gym Pro Balance has teamed up with nursery Kids Unlimited to offer childcare to their clients while they work out or get pampered.

Pro Balance, which opened five years ago and offers one-to-one fitness training, hopes the initiative will help to boost its female clientelle – a market the gym has found more difficult to tap in to.

It designed the childcare package after conducting a survey that showed that north west women struggle to find the time and motivation to go to a gym.

Founder Andy Jeffries said: “We had a suspicion that some women were unable to come to our gym because we couldn’t offer any childcare facilities.”

Women also dislike working out alongside men, Mr Jeffries said. “Lots of people aren’t keen on being ogled when they’re in a gym, especially women, who can be quite body conscious.”

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