Why I’m not worried about Swine flu

There is a lot of panic going around about Swine flu and I thought Id share some things that I do that means Im not worried about Swine Flu. You might like to do them too!

Firstly I keep myself healthy; if I do get ill it is usually minor. I sometimes get a virus but I hardly notice anything other than a bit of a tickle in my throat for a couple of days. This may not help you though so here are some other things you can do.

Secondly I make sure I exercise regularly which has many health benefits including lymph drainage. We have two types of circulation in our body, one is the blood vessels which circulate blood about our body and it includes the heart which pumps the blood around. The other circulation is the lymph system. The lymph system gathers up fluids from our tissues that have not made it back to the blood vessels and this fluid contains many of the toxins our body is trying to get rid of including viruses like the Swine Flu virus. The circulation doesnt have a heart to pump it around instead it relies on us moving our limbs to pump the fluid back to our heart where it can then be pumped to the liver for detoxification. It also needs us to be taking deep breaths which we do when exercising or practising Yoga or Pilates. When we breathe out fully lymph fluid is drawn into our chest and back into our blood circulation.

This is why it is very important to do some sort of deep breathing or physically demanding exercise. Going slow in the fat burning zone on the treadmill or cycle doesnt count. Youre much better to do some intense interval training for 10-20 minutes. Alternatively, or for those who are injured or disabled in some way a rebounder is very good to promote lymph circulation. Better still is the Vibrogym we have at Probalance. This really gets the circulation working and you can just rest a part of your body on it to get results! How cool is that?

The third thing I do is take a grape-seed extract supplement. After you hear what this can do you may think why havent I heard about this before now?  And its a very good question. I can only say that it is not a drug and therefore cant be patented and so the Pharmaceutical companies cant make enough money for it so it doesnt get a look in while theyre still promoting their cholesterol lowering Statin drugs like mad. Dont let me get started about that

Anyway, grape-seed extract has anti-viral properties, which is why I take it to ward off viruses, but also anti-histamine properties, so great for allergies, anti-inflammatory properties so much healthier than taking Non Steroid Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen or aspirin if youve pulled something or have arthritic pain in your joints. Research is now coming to the fore about its anti-cancer properties too. Studies have shown how it kills cancer cells by making them self-destruct in a controlled way so healthy cells arent damaged in the process. What I love about this is that it is not a drug and so there is no side-effects other than if your stomach is sensitive to vitamin C which might mean you get your bowels working faster than normal for a few days until it settles down. This can certainly be a good thing for some people and is much more desirable to using the coffee in the morning trick.

USANA Health Sciences produces an excellent product that as well as containing a pure and potent form of grape-seed extract, it also contains Poly C and blend of different vitamin Cs that make the grape-seed extract far more effective. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more or you would like to purchase some.

I hope this information alleviates any anxiety about Swine Flu you may have and prevents you from rushing out to get a flu vaccine! Feel free to pass this on to anyone who is concerned about the Swine Flu.

Stay Healthy.dscf0178

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