BodyMOT Blog Dehydration makes us fat

bodymot1We get an MOT on our car to reduce the risk of some critical component failing putting ourselves, our passengers or other people on the road at danger of injury or death, but how often do we get ourselves checked out to see that all systems are in good shape and not about to “fail”?

I’m not talking about going to the doctor to have a breast scan, a full-body CT, or an angiogram to see if your blood vessels in your heart are narrowed as these carry a degree of risk and they only identify problems when the damage has already been done. What I’m talking about is identifying the tell-tale signs before they become a irreversible problem.

Our lifestyles are by far the biggest factors that affect our health leading to the big killers and long-term ill-health, such as heat disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis to name a few. Our lifestyle is th one thing we have control over. We decide what foods we eat, whether we smoke and how much time we sit in front of the TV or games consol or whether we get enough exercise.

Many of these lifestyle changes cost little or nothing to implement, simply they need us to do something different. If we do what we’ve always done, then we’ll always get what we’ve always got.

One of the most common things we find is that people who are over-weight are also dehydrated. It is the easiest thing to correct and most people start to lose some weight by rehydrating alone. Drinking loads of water though may not be the best way to rehydrate as it can have you running to the toilet all day and through the night!

Let me know If you want a simple recipe that you can make at home to make a re-hydration drink that re-hydrates but wont have you running to the toilet and who knows, you may shed a few pounds without any effort at all! Other than make a drink each morning AND drink it! J

2 thoughts on “BodyMOT Blog Dehydration makes us fat

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    1. the Body mot is great way i finding out ,how good your body is coping , hopefully with a good service( like a car) ,will be fixed for a better life.

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