We love staying positive

1. We love staying positive

. Personal trainer Andy tells us how to stay active… There are many ways to be active , just take a look around your home! • Staircases can change into a cardio machine (if you climb the stairs up and down 20 times or more), this will get your heart beating just that little bit harder and burn some extra calories. 1. Triceps Dips on the bottom of a step. 2. Sit on the edge of a stable surface, preferably a bench or step. You could also use a sturdy chair so long as it’s stable and won’t slip. 3. Place your hands close to your body, facing forward on the edge of the step. Place your feet in front of you, hip to shoulder width apart, with legs bent. The more you bend your legs the easier the exercise becomes. Place your feet flat-footed for the easier version, or pivot on the back of your heels for the harder form (as shown). 4. Move into the starting position by sliding your backside forward until your weight is supported on your hands 5. Using the strength of your arms slowly bend your elbows and lower your backside towards the floor. Lower until your elbows are approximately 90 degrees) and then push back upwards until your arms are straight, but do not lock your elbows. Keep your backside close to the step throughout the exercise. 6. Take about 2 seconds to lower whilst breathing in. Take another 2 seconds to push back up whilst breathing out.

Going to the gym is also a go way to keep active or for though not everyone like the gym. Maybe get a personal trainer who will keep you motivated. Get hobbies i.e. walking in the country, get a bike.

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