Not everyone can train five times per week for 2 hours. Some of us work long stressful hours and when we get home all we have energy for is watching TV with fast food. Others play harder than they work and would rather invest their energy partying .So what do these two groups have in common – GUILT! Whether it be sitting in the office all day or clubbing all night, something deep down in us is not happy ignoring the well-documented benefits of exercise. This article is going to deal with one of the many things that can put us off listening to our consciences – the huge chasm between where we are and the chiselled bodies we see in magazines and on T.V.

Common attitudes are: 1  “ I’m so far from being a Gladiator I might as well not bother” or: 2  “If I can’t train for 10 hours a week and have wash-board abs I’ll not bother.”  Let’s get real! If you’re out working or playing most of the time and are being hard on yourself for not fitting in some exercise every day try this test: Fill your bath with two inches of water and try to stand on the water’s surface. If you can you’re right – you should be a Greek God. If, however, you touch porcelain how about we settle for a level of fitness which our time and genetics allows us. Attitude 1 is looking at the gap between itself and the lithe, muscular people it thinks will frequent our local gyms. If this sounds familiar I suggest you look in a few gyms in town – they are not filled with the California beach-babe type (much to my disappointment!). They are mainly people who have overcome their hang-ups and are trying to get fit. Yes, it is true you will never adorn the cover of a fitness magazine but this is no excuse not to bother. If you want to live a long, healthy life find something you enjoy and exercise. Set realistic goals and raise the intensity when things become easy. This brings us on to the “all-or nothing” attitude 2.


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